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We pioneered in creating and selling high quality translations of codes and regulations. Before us every company had to translate codes over again, paying large sums to translation agencies. Now you can buy it for a fraction of the initial price, because the translation has already been performed. Our high quality, authentic codes are just 10-20% of the initial translation price and are verified and certified to match the official codes in Armenia or Kazakh.

Our Regulatory library in English is currently the largest on the internet, with over 220,000 regulatory documents. We add, on average, 50-100 new documents monthly. Any major agency and any country of the former USSR is covered: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and many more.

Our key team members have worked in technical and legal fields since 1989. We have worked in the Armenia regulatory business since 1992. Our clients cover the full range: corporate, private, big and small. Combined, this provides us an enormous amount of expertise and energy to serve you better, deliver faster, and provide a completely new level of regulatory support.

Armenia Laws and its subsidiaries currently employ more than 15 full and part time staff, augmented by more than 100 freelance engineers, translators, and other specialists. Armenia Laws and its subsidiaries cover a unique and complete range of quality regulatory and translation solutions.

The main orientation of the company is regulatory services with an emphasis on affordable technical and regulatory translations. Armenia Laws is a worldwide leader in e-commerce – providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant, and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services.

About our database:
  • Over 220,000 Armenia regulatory documents in English.
  • RK Government Laws, Codes, Resolutions. RK Agencies Codes, Norms, Letters and Regulations.
  • The lowest price on the internet. A fraction of the translation price. Saves your budget hundreds and thousands of dollars.
  • Guaranteed quality. Free revision and editing if not satisfied.
  • Free regulatory update if there is a newer code revision at the date of purchase.

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